Friday, May 6, 2016

Twitter Feeds and Blog posts from Conferences

Conferences is a great way to meet interesting people and learn new things. Always nicest when you can attend IRL but interesting also following remotely via Twitter feeds, live blogging and reports and presentations blog post.

Conference Live Blogging

When I can attend conferences IRL I like to take notes using Twitter and I try to gather links and tweets using Storify as a kind of live blogging. Check out Storify/kerfors from events such as the recent Linked Data in Sweden, 2016 (ldsv2016) and HL7 FHIR workshops at Vitails, eHealth conference (Vitails2016).

Me in action live blogging

When I can not attend I like to follow conferences on  a distance and read peoples blog reports.

This week I've been following the great #csvconf feed from "a data conference that's not literally about CSV file format but rather what CSV represents to our community: data interoperability, hackability, simplicity,etc" The most interesting Twitter feeds from onferences I've seen so far.
Many thanks to some of the people tweeting from the event: , @_inunddata, @EmilyGarfield (Emily also posted some very nice drawings from the event.)

Conference Reports as blog posts

The recent CDISC Europe conference in Vienna #CDISCEurope did have a pretty thin feed but with some great tweets from Magnus Wallberg (@CMWallberg), Technology Evangelist at WHO Uppsala Monitoring Center, posted a few tweets.
Magnus also wrote an excellent report as a blog post: A great mix of standards and great visions when CDISC met in Vienna

Update: Just after I published this blog post I saw Wayne Kubick's (@WayneKubick), CTO for  HL7 and former CTO for CDISC, blog post HL7’s FHIR and BioPharma and article in Applied Clinical Trial: Building on FHIR for Pharmaceutical Research from a HL7 event I recently followed: Partners in Interoperability workshop in Washington DC.

Conference Presentations accompanying blog posts 

I also very much like when presenters quickly post their conference presentations on e.g. Slideshare. And it's also very nice to see accompanying blog posts with the speakers notes and additional material. I very much liked Dave Iberson-Hurst (@assero_UK) blog post with his CDISC Europe presentation this year. It is a post on his Semantic Web & Metadata series: CDISC Standards: Assessing the Impact of Change

I tried something similar when I wrote a blog post to prepare for my presentation "Linked Data efforts for data standards in biopharma and healthcare" at the Linked Data in Sweden, 2016 meeting a week ago: Linked Data in Sweden 2016

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