Sunday, May 22, 2016

Awesome graphic as Graphs

The classic continuum from Data via Information to Knowledge is nicely visualized in a three part graphic. I've seen it shared many times the last couple of years on Twitter and LinkedIn. Today I saw it extended with Insight and Wisdom. It made it even more awesome.

Original graphic by Hugh MacLeod @hughcards
extended by David Sommerville @smrvl  

It was my friend and former colleague Martin B√∂rjesson @futuramb that did a Re-Tweet of a tweet from John Hagel @jhagel, management consultant and author. It took me to the creator of the original graphic, Hugh MacLeod @hughcards, cartoonist and co-founder of @gapingvoid. The extension of it is done by David Sommerville @smrvl Digital Design Director for @TheAtlantic.

So, I started to think about representing the five pieces as executable and querayable graphs:

  • 1 DataPoint class
  • 21 DataPoints
  • 2 InfoClasses (represented by the green and lilac labels) 
  • 21 Classifications 
  • 1 type of Relationship
  • 18 relationsships
  • 1 new InfoClass (yellow) 
  • 2 new Classifications
  • 1 Relationship Query

RDF triples, RDF Schema and SPARQL would be one option.

Neo4j Property Graph and Cypher, another option.

Well, will see if I can find the time to do it, or convince some graphs and linked data friends to have a go at it :-)


Wendy said...

Very nice poost

Anonymous said...

The original author has a 6 panel version now: data, information, knowledge, insight, wisdom, impact