Saturday, December 29, 2012

My MOOCs Spring 2013

Great to see that the news program on SVT (Swedish Television) described MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) in a new story the other day.

SVT Nyheter, 27 Dec. 2012:Toppuniversitet ger gratiskurser på nätet.  

During 2012 I have followed a few courses via one of the organisations mentioned in the news program: Coursera.Two of the courses were excellent: Model Thinking and  Fundamentals of Pharmacology, and they are on Coursera's list of 211 (!) courses. While the course in "Software Engineering for Software as a Service (SAAS") was not of the same high quality, and it's not on the list anymore.

For the Spring 2013 I have enrollod three MOOCs. So, now I know what to do while commuting 2 hours per day also the coming months :-)

It's great to see how all of this have taken off during 2012 offering courses not only for data nerds as myself but also for many others.

So, I was thinking of my sister when I read these teasers from Coursera:
  • "Ever wonder why people do what they do? This course offers some answers based on the latest research from Social Psychology."
  • "In the course Introductory Human Physiology students learn to recognize and to apply the basic concepts that govern integrated body function (as an intact organism) in the body's nine organ systems."