Tuesday, October 28, 2014

RDF as a Universal Healthcare Exchange Language

Here's a short post about a nice webinar serie: Yosemite Manifesto proposing RDF as a Universal Healthcare Exchange Language. It is provided by  Semantic Technology & Business (@semanticweb).

Here are a couple of tweets I posted during Part 1 (video and slides) with David Booth.

The Yosemite manifesto has been critized. I recommend a "very civil discussion, in the face of clear disagreement" between David Booth, Thomas Beale (@wolands_cat) and Dean Allemang (@WorkingOntology): RDF for universal health data exchange? Correcting some basic misconceptions…

I look forward to Part 2, Friday 7 November evening (8pm CET), when Conor Dowling, Caregraph will talk about: "Lab tests and results have many dimensions from substances measured to timing to the condition of a patient. This presentation will show how RDF is the best medium to fully capture this highly nuanced data."

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