Thursday, August 18, 2011

A prediction 3-5 years from now

Making predictions can be tricky. However, a former colleague, and actually also my manager for a short time, Jean-Peter Fendrich (@carokanns) recently published a few predictions 3-5 years from now in the LinkedIn group Volvo IT Innovation Centre
  • Inspired by iPad and its competitors there will come a new device that replaces the Laptop as we know it now. 
  • Html5 will make all these app's and app technologies obsolete. 
  • We will finally have standards and infrastructure that support "mobile wallet" - replacing cash, credit cards and other payment systems.

JP asked for feedback and more predictions, so I posted the following:

As JP and I, together with Martin Börjesson (@futuramb), Annika Eriksson, Christian Forsäng  and Else-Marie (Emma) Malmek, were some of the folks introducing the first generation of web technology (Web 1.0) in the Volvo organisation back in the mid 90ies it was nice to highlight the third generation (Web 3.0) in this Volvo IT group.

The focus in my blog postings and tweets the last year or so has been on two of the fundaments for Web 3.0, i.e. the Linked Data principles and in particular the use of http based URIs. For more details, see one of my first blog posts: Corporate Transparency and Linked Data. See also my list on URI Design that I try to keep updated.

"Data is the new electricity. URIs are the conduction mechanism."
Quote by Kingsley Uyi Idehen (@kidehen)

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