Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why are you so obsessed with this Semantic Web thing

A lot of nice buzz today in sociala media when Tim Berners-Lee discusses the future of the web in the March issue of Wired UK. The web turns 25 years in March.

It reminded me of what collegues asked me almost 20 years ago: Why are you so obsessed with this "Web thing"??

Thanks to some great people in the Volvo business and data organisations I was exposed to "this web thing" and it made me change direction in my professional carrier. From a fancy job as Account Mananger to leading a small network of people get the Volvo Web Wave moving.

Today, 2014, my collegues ask me: Why are you so obsessed with this "Semantic Web thing"?

Recently I, together with other speakers at the SWAT4LS (Application and Tools in Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences) conference, had the opportunity to reflect on the main difference the semantic web can make for patients, health care and clinical research professionals in video interviews by for the EURECA project. Stay tuned for these via my Twitter (@kerfors) feed and in a coming blog post.

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