Monday, March 21, 2011

When will we see the first

" is the home of our open linked data"
                   Say the CIO of Corporation XYZ
When will we see such an announce from a corporation?

I really liked the tweet today from Milton Keynes, UK (@mdaquin) pointing me to, that is the home of open linked data from The Open University.

I would love to see an announcement from a corporation with high ambitions on corporate transparency and understanding of the value of sharing of pre-competitive data.  With a CIO with good insights on open data and linked data principles. A corporation that clearly state the applied open license (such as PDDL, ODC-by or CC0), and also have earned a 5 star ranking (see Linked Data star scheme by example)

Or, does this already exist? Let me know if you know of something similar in an enterprise context.

For more information about the benefits on Linked Data, see a nice blog post by Stuart Brown (@stuartbrown) on the LUCERO Project, Linking University Content for Education and Research Online, blog. See also my previous post on Corporate Transparency and Linked Data.

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